As I Katie Kneisel look back on this past year of being the Wellesley Fall Fair Ambassador, I can truly say my experience has been indescribable and will be a year that I will cherish forever. When I was first crowned I did not realize what I was stepping into, as this was definitely more than just my childhood dream of wearing a crown and being a princess. This year encompassed a lot of new experiences, new friends, and new adopted moms that I never knew I would ever have.

I am so grateful, that I was chosen to become Wellesley’s Fall Fair Ambassador because it allowed me to express my love for the fair and agriculture, and to help with and attend various events within our Township around the community as well as events with other agriculture societies and ambassadors in Ontario.  Given the opportunity to learn more about other fall fairs and how different everyone’s heritage is, allowed me to represent the unique characteristics of our own Wellesley Township Fall Fair.

Furthermore, being an active member of Wellesley Township’s very own fall fair committee has also made me realize how amazing, unique and diverse our community heritage is and how many dedicated, hard working people it takes to create a successful Fall Fair.  As we forge ahead into this new season for September 2018 we will be exploring Wellesley’s deep roots and new roots.  Be sure to take the time to come out and explore all this fair has to offer– interesting events, crafts, animal shows, rides, amazing snacks (COTTON CANDY) and the grand finale the closing fireworks show which lights up the sky for all of Wellesley to see.  I know that if you come out to experience and get involved in our fair, that you will enjoy it as much as I do!

As I hand off my crown to the next ambassador, I know that this is not the end, but the start of an amazing experience.  I plan to continue my involvement in the Wellesley Fall Fair Committee and cannot wait to see the unfolding of our new “deep roots and new roots” initiative within our Townships.  So please, people of our Wellesley community, as I step forward to new opportunities from this amazing experience, come with me on this journey and make the goal to get more involved in our community.  Wellesley is such a loving community with so many unique characteristics–and it is a place I am so blessed to call my home.