2017 – 2018 Fair Ambassador Katie Kniesel


Meet Katie Kneisel our 2017 - 2018 Ambassador.

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Pollinator Garden Contest

Special for 2018

Pollinator Garden Contest as part of the Wellesley Township Fall Fair

• Must be a garden in the Township of Wellesley created and maintained by a resident of the Township
• A pollinator garden is a safe place for insects and birds, providing them with shelter, food and water.
• A pollinator garden should include a variety of flower shapes to encourage different types of pollinators to visit your garden for pollen and nectar; or host plants for the larval stage.
• A pollinator garden should be pesticide free and ideally contain some native plants that have co-evolved with pollinators. For the contest include at least five of these and/or fertile cultivars of natives i.e. check that they still produce pollen and nectar.
• The pollinator gardens to be considered can be fully naturalized areas with all native species, to well manicured more ornamental beds that also include a variety of non-native plants that attract pollinators.
• Annuals, biennials, perennials, tropicals and woody plants can all be included as long as they sustain our local pollinators.
• Those selected as winners will be required to create a display board with photographs, diagrams or drawings documenting the installation and/or growth of the garden. Assistance will be offered.

Eligibility: Residents of Wellesley Township.
Registration: no later than August 15th.
Prizes: Fall Fair 1st prize $30, 2nd $15.00, 3rd $10, 4th $5.00 sponsored by Peter and Anne Brennan & Murray and Beth Schlueter. Two honourable mentions will be considered.
Judging Dates: last week of August 2018
Contact person for information and registration: Karen Sciuk; karen.sciuk@teksavvy.com

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Quilt Block Raffle


A Quilt can be built one block at a time...and that's what we started in 2017. At 2017 Fall Fair we had 39 blocks returned to be judged. Over the winter, the blocks were turned into a queen size quilt, a wall hanging and a table runner. As a fundraiser for our 2018 fall fair, the directors of the fall fair are now running a raffle for our 165th fall fair.

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